The new 210mm series solar modules


SpolarPV has been produced high efficiency solar modules, the 210 series. Based on the 210mm large-size silicon wafer and monocrystalline PERC cell, The new series allowing high power output of more than 600W, Furthermore, benefit from half cells structure and low resistance characteristic, the efficiency of 210 series can reach up to 21.65%. all with A Grade for on-grid & off-grid use for residential and public rooftop & ground mounting PV Power System.

With decades of accumulated experience in process and technology, we are confident that we can leverage the latest materials and technologies to create another high-performance and reliable module for the customer. Leading the PV industry into the era of 600W module power.

210mm PERC solar panel

The overall advantage of 210mm size solar cells is to reduce costs and improve efficiency Solar cells are the intermediate products from solar silicon wafers to photovoltaic modules, and the cost of solar cells determines the cost of photovoltaic modules, the main equipment of the photovoltaic system. Therefore, looking at the future potential of the size of photovoltaic modules, it is inevitable to first see the potential for cost reduction per watt. At this point, the excellence of the 210mm size is outstanding. 

Solve the problem of logistics, transportation and packaging and reduce costs. According to the size data of different modules, it can be calculated that the transportation cost of 210mm solar silicon wafer 550W (55 pieces)/500W (50 pieces) photovoltaic modules can be lower than that of 166 (72 pieces) 450W photovoltaic modules by USD0.0016 /USD0.0005/W. When the 210mm photovoltaic module reaches 600W (60 pieces), by adjusting the placement of the photovoltaic modules in the container from horizontal to vertical, the transportation cost is only USD0.0004/W higher than the 210mm size 550W photovoltaic module, which is still low In 166mm size 450W photovoltaic modules USD0.0012/W. 


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