The market expects UK energy prices to continue to rise

solar panel (35)

Affected by the reduction in the supply of natural gas from the “beixi-1” natural gas pipeline, the European natural gas futures price in August rose sharply to US $2300 per thousand cubic meters on the 27th local time. Affected by soaring natural gas market prices, inflation, climate change and other factors, the market expects UK energy prices to continue to rise.

According to the guardian on the 27th, due to the soaring market price of natural gas caused by the reduction of Russian gas supply to Europe, the energy price in Britain is expected to soar to three times that of the beginning of the year this winter. At that time, the average annual energy expenditure of British families may reach 3850 pounds (about 31400 yuan), and many families will fall into energy shortage because of insufficient payment ability, The high energy prices in the UK may continue until 2024.

At the same time, Britain suffered an unprecedented heat wave this summer, which further pushed up the electricity price in Britain. According to Sky News on the 25th, due to the soaring demand for electricity caused by extreme high temperatures, in order to avoid risks in the power grid system, the British power system operation company bought some electricity from Belgium at a price of more than 9700 pounds per megawatt hour (about 79000 yuan), which is about 50 times the usual price. Such a deal will enable British households to spend more on energy in the future as energy suppliers pass on costs.


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