370W Full Black Module in European warehouse

Believing in “Premium and Superior”, SpolarPV has been dedicated in enhancement of high-quality solar products since its founding and proactively extends to the downstream for the best and the most cost-efficient products and solutions to our users. With global views, the company has established global technological center and European market distribution center in Switzerland. Multiple […]

Double 11 Promotion is happening right now!

“Double 11” refers to November 11 each year, and refers to the large-scale shopping promotion carnival day represented by e-commerce across China. On this day, SpolarPV also brought huge discounts to customers. SpecialOffer Double11 Promotion First Come, First Serve! SpolarPV Double 11 Promotion is happening right now! >>SpolarPV High Efficiency Solar Panel. >>All Black Half […]

Launch big size 182mm solar panel

The new product that SpolarPV is going to launch. It is a new technology for solar panels, which used 182mm mono 144H solar cells. The new module has achieved conversion rate up to 21.3% and total module power output of 550 W, in condition of mass production. This module is based on PERC technology, with […]

BIPV: Building-integrated PV, the future of PV

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is exactly what the name indicates: solar power generation modules that are integrated directly into a building in the place of ordinary building materials. BIPV differs in a number of ways from the PV arrays that most of us are familiar with: the roof-mounted or rack-mounted PV arrays that are retrofitted onto homes and produce electricity for […]

Standard 5BB vs Half-cut cells 9BB: The advantage of new 9BB PV module

We have listed six advantages of the 9BB PV module compare to the standard 5BB. That can help reduce BOS cost and LCOE, reduce the risk of Micro Cracks, hot spot, and LID effect, and increase the efficiency and output of your PV module. Large Cells dimension Large cels dimension will increase the area of the cells […]

High-Quality Solar Modules in EU Warehouse

SpolarPV Co., Ltd, located in Nanjing-China, was established in 2010.  SpolarPV has been focusing on the production and sales of solar modules for 10 years. During this period, with its superior technical advantages and manufacturing level, SpolarPV has made the company’s business spread across many countries and regions around the world, with thousands of partners. […]

Photovoltaic off-grid power generation system technical solution

A whole Photovoltaic off grid system need five components asfollows: PhotovoltaicPanel: Off -grid power generation system is made up of a number of individual solar modules usually of 12 volts with power outputs of between 50 and 300+ watts each. These PV panels are then combined into a single array to give the desired power […]

How Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

Winter, with its residential heating demands, makes solar a helpful alternative to other forms of electricity generation. Panels Are More Efficient in Cooler Temperatures. The photovoltaic (PV) solar panels generally achieve a higher energy output as the mercury drops. Solar panels, like most electronic technology, perform better in cold temperatures than in high heat. This […]

Do Solar Panels Degrade Over Time? Yes, But Not By Much

Solar panels are amazing things. They cut pollution, save planets, and — by draining its power — move us closer to humanity’s ancient dream of destroying the sun. But they’re not quite perfect. If you happen to buy the cheapest panels you can get your hands on I’m sure you’ll soon find they can be […]

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

5 years (or longer). This is the industry standard warranty from Tier 1 manufacturers. In reality, solar panels can last quite a bit longer than that: the warranty typically guarantees panels will work above 80% of their rated efficiency after 25 years. A study by NREL shows that nearly 80% of solar panels last longer […]