Trend reports that solar panels will continue to grow in size and lcoe will increase

Trendforce’s report for the second quarter of 2022 shows that the trend of solar panels and batteries continues to develop in the direction of larger format and higher power output. With the rising cost of polysilicon, the demand for improving the efficiency of photovoltaic products and reducing costs is also increasing. At present, large and […]

The Advantage of 210mm size solar cells panel/modules

The overall advantage of 210mm size solar #cells is to reduce costs and improve efficiency Solar cells are the intermediate products from solar silicon wafers to photovoltaic modules, and the cost of solar cells determines the cost of photovoltaic modules, the main equipment of the photovoltaic system. Therefore, looking at the future potential of the size of photovoltaic modules, it […]

How PV panels works under high temperatures?

Marching towards August, the temperature remains high.While we are standing with the continuous summer heat, are you curious about the “feelings” of your home PV panels equipment? Can they survive under ongoing high temperatures? Let’s find out!Since PV solar panels do not contain circulating water, they can evacuate heat from each side of the panel, […]

The market expects UK energy prices to continue to rise

Affected by the reduction in the supply of natural gas from the “beixi-1” natural gas pipeline, the European natural gas futures price in August rose sharply to US $2300 per thousand cubic meters on the 27th local time. Affected by soaring natural gas market prices, inflation, climate change and other factors, the market expects UK […]

The new 210mm series solar modules

SpolarPV has been produced high efficiency solar modules, the 210 series. Based on the 210mm large-size silicon wafer and monocrystalline PERC cell, The new series allowing high power output of more than 600W, Furthermore, benefit from half cells structure and low resistance characteristic, the efficiency of 210 series can reach up to 21.65%. all with […]

Photovoltaic system solutions for households

PV system for households refers to placing solar modules on the top floor or courtyard of a family residence, converting sunlight into alternating current with a component-level inverter, performing the commutation process, and directly utilizing the new energy to achieve household energy independence. Excess power can be fed into the grid. The electricity load of […]

Benefits of an Off-Grid Solar Power System

Many people are shifting to renewable and clean energy to power up their homes, due to the fact that they can help keep the environment clean and healthy while spending less money on electricity. People switching to solar power are presented with a choice to either stay on the grid with a grid-tied solar system, […]

5kw residential grid PV system for romania

5kw residential grid connected PV system for romania. The project has used SpolarPV 166mm 380W high-efficiency solar panels. Assembled with multi-busbar PERC cells,the half-cell configuration of the modules offers the advantages of higher power output,reduces BOS cost effectively. Special half-cell design reduces the energy loss caused by shadows,better anti-shading performance. Lower hot spot risks due […]

550W solar panels for Ground-mounted project

This is a 7.7kw ground-mounted photovoltaic system, located at Brasov, Romania. The system has used 182mm high-efficiency 550W solar modules produced by Chinese PV module manufacturer SpolarPV. Ground-mounted systems can be placed without obstructions like chimneys, trees, or neighboring structures, shortening the payback time. More easily than rooftop panels, ground-mounted ones can be adjusted according to the season […]