Photovoltaic system solutions for households

PV system for households refers to placing solar modules on the top floor or courtyard of a family residence, converting sunlight into alternating current with a component-level inverter, performing the commutation process, and directly utilizing the new energy to achieve household energy independence. Excess power can be fed into the grid. The electricity load of […]

550W solar panels for Ground-mounted project

This is a 7.7kw ground-mounted photovoltaic system, located at Brasov, Romania. The system has used 182mm high-efficiency 550W solar modules produced by Chinese PV module manufacturer SpolarPV. Ground-mounted systems can be placed without obstructions like chimneys, trees, or neighboring structures, shortening the payback time. More easily than rooftop panels, ground-mounted ones can be adjusted according to the season […]

410W Full Black Solar Modules in EU Warehouse

As one of leading PV panel manufacturer based on China, we established european warehouse in Rotterdam, Netherland. SpolarPV produce solar modules 270-550W and also accept OEM. There is a batch of 210mm 410W full black solar modules in our European warehouse. We believe that you can rely on us as we provide you quite satisfactory […]

410W solar module with 210mm cell is ready to sell

SpolarPV high efficiency 410W with 210mm cell is ready to sell. Your perfect choice for rooftop. It offer your best project performance, and fully compatible with residential, industrial, and commercial mainstream inverters. The benefits of 210mm Simply increasing the size of a solar wafer wouldn’t make much sense unless the larger size also delivered more PV […]

Ship half cell solar module 550W to bulgaria

As a leading high-performance photovoltaic product manufacturer in China, SpolarPV has provided containers monocrystalline high-efficiency half-cell 455W and 550W modules for customers from Bulgarian. The modules will be used to build a small commercial roof in Bulgaria. Customers affirm the quality and performance of SpolarPV products. This marks a further tactical expansion of SpolarPV into […]

Best Solar Battery Systems 2022

Home energy storage batteries have been on the market for many years with numerous varieties and sizes now available. Due to the rapid improvements in lithium technology, modern lithium battery systems quickly superseded traditional lead-acid batteries as manufacturers developed smart, modular systems to suit different energy storage applications. For those new to solar, see our introduction to battery […]