Benefits of an Off-Grid Solar Power System

Many people are shifting to renewable and clean energy to power up their homes, due to the fact that they can help keep the environment clean and healthy while spending less money on electricity. People switching to solar power are presented with a choice to either stay on the grid with a grid-tied solar system, […]

Customers affirm the quality of SpolarPV products

SpolarPV has provided containers monocrystalline high-efficiency half-cell 380W and 455W and 550W modules for customers from Romania. The modules will be used to build a small commercial roof in Romania. Customers affirm the quality and performance of SpolarPV products. SpolarPV pays wholeheartedly, pays attention to customer needs sincerely, communicates product details with customers seriously, and […]

New module trend 2022: 182mm VS 210mm Module

With the continuous updating of larger wafer size solar cells, bigger size and higher efficiency PV modules are researched and produced by many solar manufacturers using 210 mm or 182 mm silicon wafers, especially in the second half of 2021. Here, we listed 3 points between 182mm and 210mm for you to make choices when […]

Can solar panels generate electricity on cloudy days?

It’s true, solar panels can produce less power on cloudy days – as you might expect – and yet photovoltaic (PV) solar energy use is extremely popular and an effective source of power in cities that get lots of inclement weather. Why? Part of the answer is that clouds are not really the obstacle they […]

Innovative technological solutions for solar modules

The performance of photovoltaic modules is a very significant parameter, which largely determines the level of the LCOE and the project economic efficiency of a solar power plant. Therefore, solar manufacturers are striving for technological innovation to increase the competitiveness of their products. In a hurry to bring new technologies to the market, manufacturers are […]

BIPV: Building-integrated PV, the future of PV

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is exactly what the name indicates: solar power generation modules that are integrated directly into a building in the place of ordinary building materials. BIPV differs in a number of ways from the PV arrays that most of us are familiar with: the roof-mounted or rack-mounted PV arrays that are retrofitted onto homes and produce electricity for […]

Standard 5BB vs Half-cut cells 9BB: The advantage of new 9BB PV module

We have listed six advantages of the 9BB PV module compare to the standard 5BB. That can help reduce BOS cost and LCOE, reduce the risk of Micro Cracks, hot spot, and LID effect, and increase the efficiency and output of your PV module. Large Cells dimension Large cels dimension will increase the area of the cells […]

How Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

Winter, with its residential heating demands, makes solar a helpful alternative to other forms of electricity generation. Panels Are More Efficient in Cooler Temperatures. The photovoltaic (PV) solar panels generally achieve a higher energy output as the mercury drops. Solar panels, like most electronic technology, perform better in cold temperatures than in high heat. This […]

Do Solar Panels Degrade Over Time? Yes, But Not By Much

Solar panels are amazing things. They cut pollution, save planets, and — by draining its power — move us closer to humanity’s ancient dream of destroying the sun. But they’re not quite perfect. If you happen to buy the cheapest panels you can get your hands on I’m sure you’ll soon find they can be […]

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

5 years (or longer). This is the industry standard warranty from Tier 1 manufacturers. In reality, solar panels can last quite a bit longer than that: the warranty typically guarantees panels will work above 80% of their rated efficiency after 25 years. A study by NREL shows that nearly 80% of solar panels last longer […]