Launch big size 182mm solar panel

Launch big size 182mm solar panel

The new product that SpolarPV is going to launch. It is a new technology for solar panels, which used 182mm mono 144H solar cells. The new module has achieved conversion rate up to 21.3% and total module power output of 550 W, in condition of mass production. This module is based on PERC technology, with mature application of 182mm silicon wafer and multi-main gate (9BB) half-chip dense row design. SpolarPV large power PV module significantly increased the total power output of single module so as to effectively reduce the cost of PV farm for customers.

Big size silicon pv module efficient has become the first choice for the global market, SpolarPV with era pace, grasp market trends, from the terminal with the needs of customers, combined with market demand and the development of technology, high efficiency, high power, low cost etc., to launch the 550 w component, through continuous battery technology innovation to enhance the efficiency of the module and the module production technology, to ensure product reliability, the adapted more scenes, bring more value for customers. According to SpolarPV, this series module is in process of multiple certifications for market entrance and is expected to be sold on global market in 2021 to provide reliable products with global customers.


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