How PV panels works under high temperatures?

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Marching towards August, the temperature remains high.
While we are standing with the continuous summer heat, are you curious about the “feelings” of your home PV panels equipment? Can they survive under ongoing high temperatures? Let’s find out!
Since PV solar panels do not contain circulating water, they can evacuate heat from each side of the panel, so they do not bear the risk of overheating. However, high temperatures can influence the efficiency of solar panels. So, how can we test solar panels for power output? The standard practice is at 25°C.
If a panel is rated to have a temperature coefficient of -0.34% (PERC) per °C, that panel’s output power will decrease by 0.34% for every degree the temperature rises above 25°C (77°F). Although that number may sound small, the surface temperature of a dark roof in summer can be significantly higher than 25°C – imagine an asphalt road surface on a hot summer day. The small percentage of output power loss for each degree of heat compound.
Choosing the right solar panels and the right solar system size, together with high-quality installation, will help reduce the effects of heat.
So, be relaxed, be prepared, and enjoy your summertime!


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