Half cell solar module 375W for project in Hungary


SpolarPV provided high-efficiency monocrystalline half cell 375W solar module for customers, to help them build an industrial roof project in Hungary. The installed capacity of this project is 635KW.  The project has been successfully completed recently.


Hungary is a developed capitalist country with a high standard of living per capita. The demand for the renewable energy sector is also high.The climate in Hungary varies greatly, with large annual and daily temperature differences, and the annual sunshine time is 2038 hours.Such an environment requires solar panels to be efficient and durable. SpolarPV 166mm half-cell module has outstanding performance and reliability, which is very suitable for the local environment and can also contribute to the growth of the Hungarian solar industry. SpolarPV components are not only more powerful, but also more stable under extreme conditions. 

solar modules

SpolarPV CEO commented: “This project provides an example for renewable energy how to meet energy needs as a long-term strategic direction for Hungary. The development of new high-efficiency photovoltaic products has greatly promoted the development of the energy industry,We took the time to launch a project of this scale and impact in Hungary. For countries such as Hungary, unlocking the potential for clean energy means that solar energy will become affordable, which will help regional economies. SpolarPV will continue to strongly support more large-scale low-emission solar commercial projects in Hungary. “

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