SpolarPV at Intersolar 2023 with Solar Solutions

Exciting news – SpolarPV is thrilled to be exhibiting at Intersolar 2023 in Munich! As leaders in the solar industry, SpolarPV will be showcasing our latest products: the 560W double glass module and the 415W full black module, each with exceptional conversion efficiency. As one of the world’s most prestigious solar exhibitions, Intersolar 2023 is […]

Trend reports that solar panels will continue to grow in size and lcoe will increase

Trendforce’s report for the second quarter of 2022 shows that the trend of solar panels and batteries continues to develop in the direction of larger format and higher power output. With the rising cost of polysilicon, the demand for improving the efficiency of photovoltaic products and reducing costs is also increasing. At present, large and […]

The Advantage of 210mm size solar cells panel/modules

The overall advantage of 210mm size solar #cells is to reduce costs and improve efficiency Solar cells are the intermediate products from solar silicon wafers to photovoltaic modules, and the cost of solar cells determines the cost of photovoltaic modules, the main equipment of the photovoltaic system. Therefore, looking at the future potential of the size of photovoltaic modules, it […]

How PV panels works under high temperatures?

Marching towards August, the temperature remains high.While we are standing with the continuous summer heat, are you curious about the “feelings” of your home PV panels equipment? Can they survive under ongoing high temperatures? Let’s find out!Since PV solar panels do not contain circulating water, they can evacuate heat from each side of the panel, […]

The market expects UK energy prices to continue to rise

Affected by the reduction in the supply of natural gas from the “beixi-1” natural gas pipeline, the European natural gas futures price in August rose sharply to US $2300 per thousand cubic meters on the 27th local time. Affected by soaring natural gas market prices, inflation, climate change and other factors, the market expects UK […]

Half cell solar module 550W for project in Romanian

SpolarPV as the leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products from china, provided monocrystalline high-efficiency modules 550W to  customer from Romanian. The installed capacity is 682kW. The modules supplied will be used in the construction of a small photovoltaic power station in Romania. SpolarPV understands that the power plant system has high requirements for module power […]

Half cell solar module 375W for project in Hungary

SpolarPV provided high-efficiency monocrystalline half cell 375W solar module for customers, to help them build an industrial roof project in Hungary. The installed capacity of this project is 635KW.  The project has been successfully completed recently. Hungary is a developed capitalist country with a high standard of living per capita. The demand for the renewable […]

550W solar panel on roof system Romania

SpolarPV case Roof distributed photovoltaic grid-connected system Romania. SpolarPV 550W high efficient solar panelare installed on the customer’s roof. Nothing cracks a smile quite like a low utility bill. The formula for creating happy homeowners includes the sleek, high efficiency solar panels and world class customer service that only SpolarPV can deliver. Rock your resolutions by helping […]

Solar module price rise in September

Since September, the price of solar modules has continued to rise. At the beginning of 2021, SpolarPV saw a continuous price rising of solar modules. In addition, the price changing of raw materials had affected the entire PV supply chain. Here we listed several points for your reference. Polysilicon price Most silicon material manufacturers have previously negotiated […]

Finalist List of State-owned Enterprise PV Suppliers

Recently, the bidding results of Jiangsu Province’s state-owned photovoltaic qualified supplier candidate project (2019-2020) were released. SpolarPV has stood out among many photovoltaic suppliers by virtue of its high-quality and efficient module products and production and supply capabilities, successfully selected into the photovoltaic supplier candidate library. At present, the development of the photovoltaic industry is […]