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Talented and professional, the marketing team of SpolarPV Technology Co., Ltd consists of members from all over the countries, each with rich international marketing experience, who put the customers’ need as the top priorities. The team always offer the most cost-efficient solar modules for users based on not only their needs but also the most advanced technologies. The marketing team has provided services to users from more than 50 countries and regions and received great appreciation from customers because this team is able to help the users gain the maximum returns with the least investment.

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The global team of SpolarPV actively brings solar smart solutions to all parts of the world, and also needs to deal with energy challenges from all over the world. SpolarPV regards improving the living standards of people all over the world as a sacred mission
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SpolarPV deeply believes that green, energy-effective, and cost-efficient solar power not only benefits our clients but the environment for generations to come.

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Monocrystalline Solar Module

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells is high, but the production cost is very high

Polycrystalline Solar Module

It is cheaper than monocrystalline  solar cells. It is easy to manufacture materials, saves power consumption, and has a low total production cost

Half Cell Solar Module

Half battery can increase power generation, and half battery can provide great advantages and improve performance in shadow conditions

Bifacial Solar Module

Both the front and back can generate electricity, which improves efficiency, improves wattage, and further reduces costs


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