550W solar panels for Ground-mounted project

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This is a 7.7kw ground-mounted photovoltaic system, located at Brasov, Romania. The system has used 182mm high-efficiency 550W solar modules produced by Chinese PV module manufacturer SpolarPV.

Ground-mounted systems can be placed without obstructions like chimneys, trees, or neighboring structures, shortening the payback time. More easily than rooftop panels, ground-mounted ones can be adjusted according to the season or can support a solar tracker that follows the path of the sun throughout the day. A ground-mounted system with a tracker can be 10% to 45% more efficient than a rooftop solar system.

Ground-mounted panels are easier to access than rooftop panels and thus easier to repair when an inverter fails or some other defect arises. They are also easier to periodically clean to maintain their efficiency. All solar systems need periodic inspections from your installer or an electrician—panels that are easier to inspect can reduce the maintenance costs of the system.


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