370W Full Black Module in European warehouse


Believing in “Premium and Superior”, SpolarPV has been dedicated in enhancement of high-quality solar products since its founding and proactively extends to the downstream for the best and the most cost-efficient products and solutions to our users. With global views, the company has established global technological center and European market distribution center in Switzerland. Multiple branches and offices are set up in Germany, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Span, Brazil, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and so on, with marketing network covering more than 30 countries and regions. Customization service for specific users is provided as well. 

As one of leading PV manufacturer in China, SpolarPV produce solar modules 270-550W and also accept OEM. There is a batch of 166mm 370W full black solar modules in our European warehouse. Contact us if need, We look forward to your order!

370W Solar Module

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