182mm module has become the mainstream choice


The customer from Romania ordered 182mm solar panels 550W have been produced. They use MBB design, the product structure has a more uniform crack stress distribution and higher reliability. They can reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the whole system. It is specially designed for industrial, commercial, and centralized ground power stations. It has lots of advantages as below than other panels: Higher power output, better temperature coefficient, less occlusion loss, stronger mechanical performance, excellent performance in low-light environments, 100% inspection to guarantee the reliability of Solar Systems.

Solar Panels

The High Reliability of SpolarPV 182mm Modules

Through a large number of reliability tests, 182mm modules demonstrated to have a proven high reliability in production process. the power plant system has high requirements for module power warranty, which will have a direct impact on the plant revenue. Great module reliability can effectively ensure long-term stable power generation performance and the excellent power warranty of 182mm module can meet the requirement of clients. 

The significant power generation loss reduction of 182mm module

182mm and 210mm modules have been well known in the market as large-size high-power modules. Compared to 210mm panels, 182mm modules can significantly reduce the power generation loss which is also caused by cable loss and operating temperature. As the experts said, the reverse current control will have a great impact on the hot spot temperature of the module. So the strict quality control will also enable 182mm products s to have long-term excellent reliability.

The guarantee of 182mm module delivery

182mm panel has been proved to have great delivery reliability in terms of the module size and the adaptability during the installation. For the transportation of 182mm modules, the risk of crack and breakage would be increased with a larger module size. The lodging risk would also be increased during the vertical container transshipment. Module manufacturers did the module reliability test and transportation reliability test after unifying the width of 182mm module as around 1130mm, which is determined by the height of the container door, to ensure that there would be no problem during large batch transportations.

Furthermore, the industry data has pointed out that the container utilization ratio of 182mm module is better than 158/166 module’s. For 182mm modules, the loading capacity in each container could be 10-20% more than the average and the relative capacity could be increased by over 15%. With regards to the installation of 182mm panels, the module size and weight unified by panel manufacturers make the whole installation process of 182mm module possible to be handled by only two workers.

In general,182mm module has gradually realized mass production and become the lowest power cost optimization scheme and the mainstream choice among clients in the market by the advantage of high reliability, high production efficiency, great auxiliary material supply and high power generation.


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